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The following message was distributed on February 16, 2022, to faculty, staff, and students via their @zoloftbirthdefectlawyer.com email on behalf of the Office of the President.

Dear Members of the UPEI Community,

PEI首席公共卫生办公室(PEI CPHO)最近推出了它的 Moving On—Transition Plan to Living with COVID-19 在我们从公共卫生紧急状态过渡到我们学习如何与COVID-19共存的时候,它给我们所有人带来了谨慎的乐观.

除了这一逐步放松公共卫生措施的计划之外, 上周晚些时候,PEI CPHO修订了专上教育部门的具体指导意见. Based on this update, UPEI参议院昨天召开了一次特别会议,以确定本学期剩余时间的交付方式.

It was decided, 根据更新的2022年冬季PEI中学后教育公共卫生措施, 从2月28日起,100人以下的班级将恢复2022年冬季学期的面对面教学, 2022.

In keeping with a student-focused teaching model, and in line with dynamic PEI CPHO guidance, there may be exceptions including:

  • 在2月27日以后扩展到个人课程的在线教学, based on medical accommodation or pedagogical principles.

Extensions must be requested by instructors through their chairs, associate deans, 及/或院长于2月17日前到副校长学术研究办公室申请批准, 2022. Exceptions will be communicated to students by their faculties. 如果你不确定这是否适用于你,请联系你所在学院的院长办公室.

我们意识到,有些学生可能会同时上面对面和网络课程. 如果学生在校园里寻找可以参与在线课程的空间, the Registrar's Office has provided a listing of rooms that are available during the 2022 Winter Academic Semester. Also, 而所有的校园建筑都有无线连接到互联网, the Atlantic Veterinary College, Robertson Library, and W.A. 墨菲学生中心在新的网络上,这些建筑的性能比校园的其他部分要好得多. 在这三座建筑中,每个都有学生可以聚集的区域,也可以独立工作,对于需要在面对面课堂之间上网的学生来说是很好的选择.

在未来的日子里,我们会更新UPEI的运营计划和信息 COVID-19 Information web pages 与最新的PEI CPHO指导,因为我们计划返回校园. 然而,以下是一些从PEI CPHO更新中学后教育的关键要点:

  1. Physical Distancing: Unless permitted under the public health order, students, faculty, 工作人员在任何情况下都必须保持两米或两米以上的身体距离, except in learning settings as follows:
  • 最多100名学生在教室上课时戴口罩坐着,否则
  • for certain practical/hands-on learning, or
  • on-the-job training.

    Physical distancing should be maximized in learning settings.
  1. Screening and Testing: Students, faculty, 如果感觉不适或出现COVID-19症状,工作人员应留在家中进行检测, however mild. 可在临时检测诊所进行检测,个人应进行自我隔离,直到得到结果. 检测结果(阳性和阴性)可在网上查询,大多数检测结果出现在检测开始的4-12小时内: www.princeedwardisland.ca/testresults
  1. Vaccination: Students, faculty, 建议工作人员接种加拿大卫生部批准的完整系列COVID-19疫苗,包括加强剂. (The UPEI Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Policy remains in place for members of the University community. UPEI卫生和健康中心的COVID-19常规疫苗加强诊所将于2月24日结束, 2022. The Centre will continue to offer COVID-19 vaccines after that date; however, you will need to email healthcentre@zoloftbirthdefectlawyer.com to book an appointment.)  
  2. Masking: Students, faculty, 在教室、实验室等所有室内公共场所,要求工作人员佩戴口罩, as well as workplaces. Details on wearing masks can be found here: www.princeedwardisland.ca/masks 应尽量减少摘掉活跃饮食时戴的口罩. (Please refer to the UPEI Student Classroom Protocol for more information.)  
  3. Personal Hygiene: 将在整个设施明确张贴洗手和呼吸礼仪(打喷嚏和咳嗽)的标志. 在学习环境中,将随时提供洗手用品和酒精含量至少为60%的酒精洗手液.  
  4. Cleaning and Disinfection: 加强经常接触的表面的清洁和消毒.

While I continue to be impressed at how resilient students, faculty, and staff have been throughout the pandemic, I also realize that with change—even positive change—comes stress. UPEI通过学生事务为学生提供许多资源, including personal counselling (studentserv@zoloftbirthdefectlawyer.com), and the International Student Office (irostu@zoloftbirthdefectlawyer.com). The UPEI Pandemic Survival Tips and Resources info graphic has also been developed to support community members. 合格的UPEI教职员工可以通过1-800-387-4765获得员工援助计划的支持. Additional information is available on UPEI's COVID-19 information web pages and on myUPEI.

我们将与PEI首席公共卫生办公室协商,继续监测大流行情况, despite our “moving on”, COVID-19 remains a dynamic situation around the world. Please continue to watch your zoloftbirthdefectlawyer.com email for any further updates or visit athletics.my.zoloftbirthdefectlawyer.com/covid-19-information





GREG KEEFE, DVM, MSc, MBA (he/him)
President and Vice-Chancellor (Interim)
University of Prince Edward Island

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