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Last updated April 12, 2022

2月28日起,以100人以下班级为单位恢复2022年冬季学期的面授教学, 2022. Read the message

UPEI 2022年冬季学期的COVID-19协议将持续到2022年4月30日. Read the message

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been felt around the world, including at the University of Prince Edward Island. Although COVID-19 has changed aspects of how we teach and learn, UPEI remains committed to providing high quality education, as well as access to engaging and rewarding learning experiences, in a safe and responsible manner. 

Beginning in March 2020, 大流行迫使UPEI的所有院系调整现有计划,制定新的程序和协议,以确保学生的安全和福祉, staff, faculty, and future visitors. 大学在基本服务模式下运作两个月后,正式公布 UPEI’s Operational Ease-Back Plan—Planning the Way Forward in May 2020, which outlined a three-stage approach to returning to working, teaching, learning, and conducting research on campus. 我们根据PEI公共卫生办公室(PEI- cpho)的指导,调整了该计划, the public health authority on PEI, 我们还推出了自己独特的措施,以确保我们广大和多样化的学生社区的安全, staff, and faculty.

UPEI于2021年9月安全地欢迎学生、教师和工作人员返回校园. Over 75% of our courses were in-person, 而其余的则通过网络或混合形式提供,以方便我们的学生. 

2022 Winter Academic Semester

2022年冬季学期的计划是恢复到大流行前的现场活动水平, 这意味着UPEI将恢复所有院系的面对面授课方式和课堂, with limited exceptions. However, in December 2021, 因为Omicron变种的到来以及PEI的COVID-19病例数量显著增加, 大学参议院同意在冬季学期开始时恢复在线教学. 学校基于PEI-CPHO高等教育指导原则,对在线教学进行了多次拓展.

After the PEI-CPHO released its Moving On—Transition Plan to Living with COVID-19 and issued updated guidance for post-secondary guidance in February, UPEI confirmed its mode of delivery for the remainder of the semester. 

It was announced on February 16 that the UPEI Senate, 根据更新的2022年冬季PEI中学后教育公共卫生措施, decided that 2月28日起,以100人以下班级为单位恢复2022年冬季学期的面授教学, 2022. Read the message

The UPEI Operational Plan – 2022 Winter Academic Semester includes guidance, plans, and protocols that have been developed to support students, faculty, and staff我们继续以PEI公共卫生办公室(PEI- cpho)的指导为基础开展校园运营。.

We know that our plans may need to change again, depending on evolving public health conditions and requirements, but we are prepared for that possibility. 我们会在这些网页上尽快发布更新,并通过电子邮件直接与校园社区成员沟通任何变化. 

University updates and messages

我们积极与PEI首席公共卫生办公室和其他网络合作,让PEI社区了解与COVID-19相关的风险以及健康和安全指导. UPEI began communicating to students, staff, and faculty about COVID-19 in January 2020, sharing appropriate information from official government sources. 发送给校园社区的信息通过电子邮件分发并发布到 website (see below) and UPEI SAFE app.

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